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Dispatching Services Software

This miraculous force multiplier allows a very small administrative staff of 3 to 4 people to manage 1000s of jobs per month and still maintain relationships with 4000 or more vendors swiftly. This is a truly comprehensive system tailored-made for organizations which dispatch services of any kind, including property inspectors, towing, delivery services, pluming and multiple other industries. The system is beautifully designed with multiple dashboards, for easy management. It fully manages the administration of any type of contract work, with a myriad of features including integration to email and text.

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What type of company do you need this dispatch software for?

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Software Features

Designed exclusively for any company with a dispatch type business model. Search list


Three to Four People Can Manage 1500 Jobs.

The inspection and dispatching solution streamlines the management of any external jobs and services, particularly with third-party vendors or contractors. It covers inspections conducted by independent contractors across all 50 states, serving various clients. The system offers comprehensive insights, including job statuses, aging status, key demographics, and statistics, allowing a very small administrative staff of maybe 3 or 4 to manage it efficiently.


Recruiting to Contractor Control.

The system provides detailed tracking of subcontractors and individual staff, including their ranking, classification, contact information, and specific pay rates. It offers workload management to prevent overloading contractors while evenly distributing jobs. The recruiting function allows vetting and qualification of new inspectors. The system can be adapted for managing third-party vendors in various trades.


Management Extraordinaire.

The Dispatch 1000 software system encompasses several key areas, including the crucial areas of client management, inspection, job management, contractors, dispatch processes, organization areas and regional divisions. It enables tracking of jobs or tracking of services, progress notes, admin details, invoicing, service records, and report delivery. Included in this comprehensive software system is a full module for document and photo consolidation for different job sites.


Dashboards, Dispatches, Reviews.

System identifies the most ideal contractor for specific tasks based on regions or other criteria. It allows alternate suggestions if an inspector is overloaded. Contractors are notified via text or email when assignments are accepted and monitors job progress, including initial client contact, reporting, and qualification by reviewers! Gorgeous dashboard show real-time job status and a client management system for overseeing services and rates.

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100% Customizable

Every module can be tailored
to your company.

We build software for singular, distinct or segmented industries. This software does not exist off-the-shelf. The “Dispatch1000” Software includes those incredibly unique laws, flows, nuances, modules, peculiar to an organization that utilized dispatching services, tested and vetted by them. However, all aspects are fully customized to your needs. 

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The only way to truly determine if our software is what your dispatch services company needs is to do a demo.

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